Services & support

As soon as possible after receiving a referral, a therapist from KentOT4kids will make contact with the referrer, to ascertain the exact nature of your needs and what we can offer you.

We offer the following services:



We offer assessment of your child in either your home or an educational environment

As part of this, we tailor our assessment to the needs of your child. The assessment can include the use of some or all of the following –

  • Clinical observations
  • Standardised assessment tools
  • Corroborating information
  • A detailed developmental and/or sensory history

During the assessment we will consider the impact of motor skills (including handwriting), sensory processing difficulties and visual/perceptual difficulties on a child’s engagement in activities of everyday life, including play, leisure and engagement in learning opportunities (education).

Depending on the assessment package you choose, following an assessment, a detailed report or assessment can be provided.



We provide a range of different therapy and support packages that are tailored around the needs of your child. These include –

  • One to one individual treatment sessions – these can be an intense block of treatment or spread over a longer period
  • A home programme tailored to your child’s specific needs
  • Implementation of education based intervention strategies or treatment sessions
  • Individual therapy sessions or home programmes, during school holidays, to supplement therapy provision through school based therapy services

Specific therapy programmes & interventions include –

  • sensory and motor based interventions
  • intervention to support regulation and self-regulation
  • sensory integration therapy
  • environmental adaptations to support implementation of interventions
  • Therapeutic Listening Programme (see what this is)
  • Wilbarger Therapressure Protocol (see what this is)
  • SOS (Sequential Oral Sensory) Approach to Fussy Eaters (see what this is)

All treatment packages are supplemented with clear goal setting, so that we can both ensure that the impact of the therapy & support is monitored.



We can provide reports on your child’s needs and the therapy & support package that we have agreed to put in place.



We also provide education based training sessions for parents, teaching staff or combined.

We also offer training and supervision opportunities for interdisciplinary colleagues.

We welcome opportunities to work with other professionals (within the independent or NHS sectors) within the assessment or intervention process, to provide a collaborative approach, best suited to the child and family.